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We are one of the leading exporters of PET recyclable bottle flakes to China. Besides, we sell specialised lubricants locally. We are also importer of ball bearings and surgical instruments.

Manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service are managed by 12 experienced personnel. The products are delivered from the company warehouse to the distributors/end-users.

We have 13 buyers of PET Bottle-cut Flakes (Clear and Green) and PET Machine Purged Lumps in China. Local sale of specialised lubricants are made to over 400 customers in Bangladesh among 4400+ customers served during the last 18 years of our business.

The Sales Team comprising of 4 trained and motivated sales-personnel (Agents) who ensure that quality products and services are delivered at correct time, suiting our customers requirements. They are backed-up by 4 management and 4 staffs with about 40 casual workers perform all the jobs for production of pet-bottle-cut flakes and packaging of lubricants etc., enabling our customers, both at home and abroad, to avail our products and services on almost 24-hours and 7-days basis.

The following are some of the info and data related to our Company:

We started our business since July 1991 in the name of Super Lube Services (in short SLS). We got our firm SLS incorporated on 1st April 1993 in the name of SLS (PVT) LTD. with its Registered Office at 24, Station Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

1. SLS PLASTIC FACTORY at 24/B, Station Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka has been transferred.
2. SLS (PVT) LTD., at 60/1, Water-works Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka, is having PET Flakes warehouse.
3. SLS (PVT) LTD., at Ruhitpur, Keranigonj, is having PET Flakes Cold-washing plant.

We have exported 371x40FT High Cube Containers of PET recyclable bottle flakes and lumps (8,245 MT) earning US$ 5.66 Million as on 20-02-2009. Our first container of PET Flakes was shipped on-board on 30-6-2003. PS. We have got Chinese Government AQSIQ Licence No. A050040048 to export recyclable materials to China, valid up to 31-12-2010.

We have established arrangement to do complete automatic Crushing/cutting, Hot-water washing, spin MD)

By the way, the quality and production output of the first one- Surjo Traders (Pvt) Ltd., got into problem when there were frequent power-electricity outages. This problem has been taken care by the second plant- Hakkani Syntex Ltd., since they have imported own power generating units.

The Managing Director of this Company passed Diploma of Associate Engineering Course in Instrument-Technology from PSTC- Pak-Swiss Training Centre, Karachi, Pakistan in July 1973. Thereafter, got repatriated to Bangladesh in September 1973 and worked in the maintenance, production and commercial departments of the following major companies:

a) SKF-Singapore Dhaka office, SKEFTECH (PVT) LTD., first as Application Engineer from 1-8-1991 and later as General Manager from 1-7-1994, worked up to 31-12-1996. b) BAT-UK subsidiary in Bangladesh for 7 years from 10-1-1980 to 10-1-1987, first as Maintenance Superintendent and later as Production Manager (Shift), from January 1984. c) IIAF - Imperial Iranian Air Force for 2 years from 23-6-1977 to 23-6-1979 as Metal Processing Specialist. Had to return 4-months after the Iranian Revolution of February-1979.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any requirements or questions.